Hello and welcome to the Jeans for Genes blog!

Hello and welcome to the Jeans for Genes blog! Here, we hope to give you a little insight into how we work, up to date info on what celebs we are working with and blog posts from some very special ‘guest bloggers’.

For our very first blog post, we have decided to revisit the history behind the Jeans for Genes partnership with London College of Fashion and 2010’s winner of the Jeans for Genes t-shirt design competition, Sasha Helim, tells us all about the inspiration behind her winning design and what it meant to her to win such a fantastic competition.

The Jeans for Genes partnership with London College of Fashion (LCF) was established in 2008 with the launch of the first ever Jeans for Genes and LCF t-shirt. The t-shirt was a huge success and gave Jeans for Genes an opportunity to successfully position itself within in the UK fashion arena for the first time. Since 2008, the campaign has gone from strength to strength and is fortunate enough to have received support from some of the UK’s most famous fashion icons including Christine Bleakley, Jodie Kidd, Amanda Holden, Jaime Winstone, Amber Le Bon, and Kelly Osbourne.

We caught up with 2010’s winner, Sasha Helim –

I really wanted to get involved with Jeans for Genes charity as being associated with a children’s charity is a very rewarding feeling, knowing that I can help towards funding children with genetic disorders through my creativity. Sasha wearing her winning t-shirt with TV Presenter, Jenny Frost.

The inspiration behind my design was to produce an illustration integrating the theme of jeans into a design that was fun and feminine as this was the first time the official charity t-shirt was just for women so I wanted to celebrate this. With the trend of charm bracelets and being a jewellery piece that many women can associate with, I came up with the concept of drawing legs wearing jeans by actually photographing my own and drawing from them. I then added bows for a feminine touch and intended to make the Jeans for Genes logo an integral part of the design by drawing this as a charm too. 

Winning the Jeans for Genes t-shirt competition has had a great affect on my career as I am able to name numbers of different publications that my work has featured in which offers great creditability when pitching my work as well as it being a great contribution to my portfolio. It’s great for me to also see how I can lend my illustrative techniques to different products. 

Seeing celebrities such as Amber Le Bon, Amanda Holden and Jenny Frost in my  t-shirt was amazing, almost surreal! It was so exciting to go to the newsagents week by week and open each publication to see my work and my name written in it as well as having my family and friends contact me after seeing the coverage in different magazine and newspaper articles!

The most rewarding thing about winning this competition has been the amount of support I have received from my friends and family and the interest they take in my work. It was a great highlight of my academic first year of my fashion illustration degree and am very proud of the opportunity and the credibility it has brought about”.

If you would like to see more of Sasha’s work, please visit Sasha’s Blog.

This year’s Jeans for Genes Day is on Friday 7th October, for details of how you can get involved, visit the Jeans for Genes website.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back – we will soon be announcing the 2011 winner and design!

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