Congratulations Lianne Miller – This Year’s Jeans for Genes / LCF Competition Winner

 This week we are thrilled to have spoken to this year’s winner of the Jeans for Genes / London College of Fashion competition, Lianne Miller. Here is what Lianne told us about why she wanted to work with Jeans for Genes, how the competition has helped her University course and the inspiration behind her winning design…
                                                                            Lianne Miller
‘I heard about the Jeans for Genes competition through my degree course, Fashion Illustration, at London College of Fashion. My year was given a presentation to explain the purpose of the charity, who they raised money for and why it’s so important.
The brief was quite open, we were asked to take our inspiration from the ‘J’ jeans or the ‘G’ genes with a fashion focus and the involvement of the Jeans for Genes logo. I researched as many options as possible, but didn’t want the image to be too complicated, especially after seeing the previous winning designs, simplicity was the key. I love drawing the feminine form. So I focused on that aspect to appeal more to the female audience. The jewellery, was more of a stroke of luck, as it allowed me to combine genes and small trinkets into the images, providing some contrast and focus areas on the design. 

I saw it as an opportunity to help those in need. I always wanted to give to any charity any way I can, as a student, money isn’t always readily available to donate to a worthy cause. But this competition has given me the opportunity to help the families in need through Jeans for Genes charity and support their cause.  

As a first year student, especially within the art profession, the publicity and opportunities provided have been beyond my wildest dreams. I still go into shock sometimes, absorbing the fact that I am the winner of the competition. The outcome from selling the t-shirts is the icing on the cake.
What advice would I give to students entering the competition next year? Just go with your gut feeling, really absorb what the charity is about and who they are helping and keep in mind the core audience.’
Here are some very special early sketches from Lianne, showing her fantastic design from the early stages.

Thank you to Lianne for talking with us and congratulations from everyone at Jeans for Genes! To see more of Lianne’s work you can visit her blog. 

This year’s Jeans for Genes Day is on Friday 7th October, for details of how you can get involved, visit the Jeans for Genes website.

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