2011 Fashion Panel – We Speak to Panellist and Fashionista, Nick Ede!

This week is all about our prestigious fashion panel, and we bring you an interview with one of our favourite judges Mr Nick Ede – one of the UK’s most influential experts in fashion, PR and lifestyle.

The 2011 Fashion Panel

Jeans for Genes 2011 fashion panel comprises experts from the UK’s leading retailers as well as popular style icons. Our panel insure that we select a T-shirt design which is a must have item for the summer wardrobe.

Coleen Rooney, Style Editor at Littlewoods

Jaime Winstone, Actress and style icon

                   Nick Ede, Judge on Project Catwalk UK and Catwalk 24 in the US

                              Annette Browne, Director of Womenswear at Marks & Spencer

                                 Ben Lee, Women’s Casual Wear Designer at River Island

                                 Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker

Interview with judge Nick Ede

Jeans for Genes: Not only are you on the Jeans for Genes judging panel, you are also a patron of the charity – why is Jeans for Genes so important to you?

NE: My father is a genetisist so I have always had an interest in genes. The marriage of fashion and science and what the charity is doing is so important and I find it very inspiring.

Jeans for Genes: When on the judging panel – what do you look for in a winning design?

NE: I was looking for something that is fashion forward, stylish and ultimately something that people would want to purchase. Its important for it to be wearable and the design to be iconic.

Jeans for Genes: What made you vote for this year’s winning t-shirt?

NE: I like the style, the use of gold foil and its delicate drawing is something that hasn’t been done before.

Jeans for Genes: How much do you think about what is on-trend when choosing the winner?

NE: I think about something that can be worn more than once so it’s not just about it being on trend it’s for it to be a lasting t-shirt that will constantly show support for the charity.

Jeans for Genes: What advice would you give to next year’s entrants?

NE: Think about something that is commercial but also uses their style and design sensibilities in a good way.

Jeans for Genes: Final note?

NE: Jeans for Genes is getting bigger and better and I love being a part of it. Next year we should think about some menswear designs as cool iconic tees will be even bigger.

This year Jeans for Genes day is on Friday 7th October. To receive your FREE fundraising pack visit www.jeansforgenesday.com

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