Revealed! Our 2011 limited edition winning t-shirt

The time has come for us to unveil the 2011 Jeans for Genes limited edition t-shirt, designed by Lianne Miller from London College of Fashion. We are so excited!!! We hope you are too!


Lianne’s t-shirt has been worn by a bank of high profile celebrities. Keep checking back to see who they are!

This week, we had a little Q&A with Tony Glenville, Creative Director at London College of Fashion who has worked on the collaboration with Jeans for Genes since 2009. Trained as a fashion designer, Tony Glenville has worked extensively as a consultant and journalist, collaborating with Vogue Paris, Vogue Australia, The Evening Standard, Harpers Bazaar, Sunday Express and with numerous TV and radio programmes.

Jeans for Genes: The partnership between Jeans for Genes and London College of Fashion has gone from strength to strength. What has been your involvement over the years?

TG: I came to LCF after the first collaboration so the relationship had started and I was thrilled to support it. The introduction from the Jeans for Genes team is inspirational and sets us all to do our best. I make sure we have the right staff supporting the students, encouraging ideas and working closely with Jeans for Genes on the development of the press campaign.

Jeans for Genes: What does this competition mean to the students?

TG: It’s a high profile competition with celebrity endorsement! The students have their designs put in front of a very prestigious fashion panel. The winning design is translated on a t-shirt promoted heavily through national and regional press coverage. Their name appears in publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and Glamour to name a few! It’s an excellent opportunity to build a professional portfolio. What more can a young budding fashion student want?

Jeans for Genes: What is the process for the students; how do they hear about the competition, what is the entry process, how much time do they have to work on their design?

TG: All students in the first year of Fashion Illustration BA (Hons) at LCF enter. The competition is introduced early in the year as an idea before we brief them. Jeans for Genes comes in to brief the students on the project. The time varies a little due to production deadlines and judging but generally a few weeks including feedback sessions with the judges from the fashion panel.

Jeans for Genes: Why do you think this year’s winning design won?

TG: Each year their design must either take its inspiration from the substance (genetic disorders) and/or the fun (denim / fashion) of Jeans for Genes Day. Each winner has been very different – so as always it is about the team of judges finding something which feels right for them. I think Lianne’s design is strong, effective and bold and I am sure it will be a huge seller!

Buy the t-shirt now.

This year Jeans for Genes Day is on Friday 7th October. Sign up for your FREE fundraising pack at

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