Jeans for Genes Day at the BUPA 10k 2012!

We are so proud of our group of runners who took part in the BUPA 10k on Sunday in aid of Jeans for Genes Day!

It was a blistering hot day reaching temperatures of over 26°C but they all perservered and were rewarded with a delicious post-race picnic in the park and a fabulous goodie bag each courtesy of our sponsors, Marks and Spencer.

Meet our lovely sporty supporters

The AGI-Shorewood Team – Suvi Sylvelin, Gemma Pratt, Hazel Forsyth, Roger Ward, Malcolm Swindell, Rudy Martinez, Ed Crocombe and Celine Perron.

This mischievous team of creative colleagues all managed to finish the race in impressive times, but Suvi and Rudy just took the lead, finishing in an incredible 51 minutes and 49 minutes!  Now they’re all desperate to beat their own times at the British 10k on July 8th so watch this space…!

As well as the BUPA 10k, they have even managed to squeeze in some other in-house fundraising including some tasty home-made cake sales at work, enabling them to raise a whopping £1,700 for our charity!

Suvi Sylvelin, Gemma Pratt, Hazel Forsyth, Roger Ward, Malcolm Swindell, Rudy Martinez, Ed Crocombe and Celine Perron

Ben and Liz Young – Stretch extraordinaires! Ben and Liz did an amazing job of running together the whole way round, enabling them to finish in 1.03.57.  The couple were running for their friend Sara Jackson’s son, who has a genetic disorder, 18P deletion.  Together, they have raised nearly £400.

Ben and Liz Young

Francesca Hunt – Friendly Francesca has put an incredible amount of effort into her fundraising in her workplace of Goldman Sachs, holding cake sales and getting her colleagues involved!
On top of this, she managed to complete her 10k run in 56 minutes and has raised a fantastic total of £250 so far!

Don’t miss out; join the Jeans for Genes Day running team in 2012! Find out more:

One comment

  1. Hello from Paul Davidson.

    Thanks for sharing all this amazing insporation and well done to all the runners.

    I watched Brendon Foster as a child when he pounded the street’s of Gateshead. look at him now wow ”THE GREAT NORTH RUN”. Come on down give it a try. so I can wave at them all as they pass

    Paul. Dady to an Angel4Hope Kevin James Davidson. Gauchers Disease Type 2 – ”A Gene to Die for”. A Gene to Great North Run For.

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