Get creative with our wonderful white logo t-shirt – Fringing!

Whatever the celebrities do, you really can do better! Today we show you how to customise your white Jeans for Genes Day logo tee.

We will be bringing you two completely different looks to make your logo tee stand out from the crowd, first up ‘Festival Chic’!

Our customised fringe t-shirt would fit in perfectly with the laid back festival vibe. Make sure you pack suncream as you will be looking HOT!

Here is how to make your own!

  • Lay your logo t-shirt flat on the floor, making sure the front and back of the t-shirt is lined up.
  • Next taking both the front and back of the t-shirt, cut into strips from the bottom up
  • If these are too wide cut in half again
  • Once the strips are cut, pull each strand down to get a more rugged look
  • Now turning the t-shirt inside out, cut along the arm seem, removing sleeves. Repeat both sides.

Tomorrow we will show you how to tie-dye your logo t-shirt so keep those peepers peeled!

Remember to wear your white logo t-shirt on Jeans for Genes Day, Friday 5th October 2012. Sign-up for your free fundraising pack today!

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