Get creative with our wonderful white logo t-shirt – Tie-dye!

Today we will be showing you how to tie-dye our white t-shirt!

We have styled our newly dyed t-shirt for a night on the town!

Tie-dye doesn’t have to mean casual, team with a highwaisted leather skirt and killer heels for the ultimate night look!

Here is how to make your own!

  • Rinse with cold water so it is completely wet, ring it out to make sure it’s not dripping
  • Next lye it flat on the floor, pinch a section on one side and twist into a ball
  • Secure with elastic bands all the way around
  • Wearing rubber gloves, place into the dye bucket making sure it is completely underwater
  • Leave for ½ hour, turning over once or twice
  • Take it out of the bucket and remove the elastic bands
  • Rinse with cold water to remove any unwanted dye and hang it out flat to dry
  • Ta da your very own tie-dye beauty!

Remember to wear our white logo t-shirt on Jeans for Genes Day, Friday 5th October 2012. Sign-up for your free fundraising pack today!

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