Jinkksy for Genes!

JINKKSY, jewellery brand to the stars, has created a limited edition bracelet to celebrate Jeans for Genes Day 2012!

The glamorous Jeans Jinkksy bracelet costs £25, with £5 from each sale coming directly to our charity. So you can look fabulous and feel fabulous too!

The bracelet features denim blue crystal balls accompanied by three diamante balls and a Jeans for Genes Day charm.

Debbie Georgiou, creator of Jinkksy, designed the bracelet and will hand-make every single order. She told us: “The Jeans Jinkksy will look fantastic with a pair of blue jeans and white tee. I am so proud to support Jeans for Genes Day. I hope as many people as possible will purchase the bracelet.”    

  Debbie Georgiou, creator of the stunning Jean Jinkksy

 Hot off the press………

Our Jeans Jinkksy is a fashion favourite.

Star Magazine & The Daily Mirror

Don’t forget to follow Jeans for Genes Day on Twitter and like us on Facebook. To find out how you can WIN the official Jeans for Genes Day Jinkksy bracelet tonight!.




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