Decades of Denim!

In the lead up to Jeans for Genes Day we will be bringing you the very best of Denim from the past decades.

First stop – 50’s!

It’s hard to believe there was a time when jeans weren’t in the mainstream, used for their durability and strength the workman’s uniform was miles away from the fashion pages. That was until a handsome chap named James Dean popped on to the scene. With his unmistakable good looks, he wore jeans like no other of his time. Catching the eyes of both guys and girls he paved the way for bringing denim into the fashion fore front.

He wasn’t the only one, Marylyn Monroe was a beautiful movie star pushing jeans into the spotlight with her curvaceous figure, denim never looked so good!

Who could forget Marlon Brando’s biker jacket and jeans combo, he oozed rebellion.

Keep your peepers peeled for our next decade 60’s!

Don’t miss out sign-up  for Jeans for Genes Day 2012, Friday 5 October.

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