Shop till you drop!

Love shopping but hate the guilt of spending £££?! Well the lovely people at Give As You Live have made a guilt free way of spending your cash by giving to Jeans for Genes Day as you shop!

Shop online with thousands of stores and raise money for Jeans for Genes Day with every purchase – at no cost to you, yep that’s right no extra cost to you!

Just a few of the shops involved!

Can’t quite believe it?! Watch this video for more information!

As that wonderful clip explained all you need to do is download the Give As You Live plugin on your phone or computer and shop like there is no tomorrow!  It really is that quick and easy.

It’s not just Christmas shopping that you can easily use this tool with, lots of supermarket and utility companies that you use everyday are also involved too!

So come on people do your bit for a great cause, get great buys with great karma!

Next week- Our Jeans for Genes Day Office Coordinator Sarah shows you how she got on with Give As You Live!

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