Make Your Own…. Jeans for Genes Day tree decoration!

It’s not long now until the Christmas take-off but if you still have to put the finishing touches to your tree, why not make some original Jeans for Genes Day decorations! 

Thingsa you will need MYO- tree dec_edited-2

Follow these instructions and you will have your own…

  1. Taking a pair of old jeans, cut down the seam to lay out flat.
  2. Using the inside of the jeans draw out two triangles the same size. Use the ruler for this to make accurate.
  3. Now take the pinking shears and cut the triangles out, you can use normal scissors if you do not have these.
  4. Take one of the triangles and three buttons. Sew the buttons vertical down the length of the triangle.
  5. With the second triangle lye flat with the darker side up, now taking the ribbon measure to just a bit bigger than the triangle at both ends and double this over into a loop.
  6. You can either pin or tack the sides into place.
  7. Proceed to sew the ribbon’s sides using the sewing machine, leaving a gap at the top; this is how your decoration will hang.
  8. Sew the ribbon on to the triangle using a needle and thread, leaving the loop at the top.
  9. Now taking both triangles pin or tack together along two sides and sew together.
  10. Taking your old T-shirt cut into smaller strips and stuff the inside of your decoration.
  11. Finally sew up the remaining side of your decoration and place on your Christmas tree!

Denim tree_edited-5

Why not sell these gorgeous decorations at your work place or school to raise extra money for Jeans for Genes Day!

Next time we will show you how to make your own…

Jeans for Genes Day denim stocking!

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