Double Denim is back!

We thought it would be good to give our lovely supporters a little encouragement into making this Jeans for Genes Day double the fun with double denim!

Double denim’s comeback has been bubbling in the background for some years now waiting for the right time to explode again in to the fashion world.

If you remember double denim the first time round visions of acid wash denim jackets with matching jeans might spring to mind but fear not this is a whole new ball game of wearing this vintage trend!


Look at these crackers from the 80’s

With the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Elle Macpherson sporting all that is denim its hard not to believe its fashion forward again.

DD 1

Rihanna, Lady Gaga & Elle Macpherson

We’re not the only ones jumping on this trend wagon, celebrity stylist Gemma Sheppard has also been championing this style earlier in the year.

Gemma posted on “Double denim is on-trend as is boho. There’s a real 70s vibe at the moment – the best dressed at the festivals this Summer were in cute jean jackets and panama hats. I’d recommend checking out vintage stores for old Wrangler originals too.”

Gemma has even dedicated an entire Pinterest board to this versatile fabric candidly naming it ‘We totally salute denim‘, we totally do too Gemma!

If you still need a little bit more convincing we have some quick tips that will make you look more Alexa Chung than 80’s Madonna when putting your threads together….


Alexa Chung & 80’s Madonna

Top tips for getting doubled up!

  • Make sure your denim is contrasting – stonewash & indigo, black & dark blue or even add some coloured denim into the mix!
  • Make sure one item is more fitted on the top or bottom so you are not swamped like a throwback 80’s star
  • Double denim isn’t all about the jeans, mix it up with skirts, shorts and jackets
  • Team with heels and red lippy to really have a fashion edge

Get Alexa’s look!


ASOS Jeans – £24    Zara Bag – £20.99   Topshop Shirt– £34  Zara Taylor Necklace – £20

Our favourite duo Jaffy & Leela have a message for you…

So get doubling our denim darlings, you will look gorgeous!

Don’t miss out sign-up for Jeans for Genes Day 2013, Friday 20th September.

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