How to have an eggcellent Easter!

Need some activity inspiration this Easter weekend? We’ve got you covered with a range of egg-cellent ideas to keep you and your family busy from morning ‘til night.

Decorate your eggs in Denim!


We love this denim Easter egg tutorial from Ashbee Design, all you need is some small denim patches, some glue and a couple of eggs and you’ll have created these fab eggs in no time!

Why not take your denim decoration a step further and give your eggs their own Jeans for Genes Day look:

  1. Place your eggs in some eggs cups
  2. Draw faces on your eggs – you can add googly eyes, hair or hats, be creative!
  3. Wrap some old denim around your egg cup and glue in place to create a pair of jeans or denim skirt – you’re eggs are all set for Jeans for Genes Day!


For a super simple decoration idea, try dying your eggs blue!


  1. Add some blue food colouring to a glass of water
  2. Dip your eggs in the water and set aside to dry
  3. Using some brown paint and a toothbrush, lightly dab all over the eggs to create a speckled effect, allow to dry and voila!

Easter Home Decoration

Now you’ve decorated your eggs, why not have a go at decorating your home too. We love Not On The High Street’s range of gorgeous Easter products!

original_blue-or-pink-decorative-easter-tree original_large-lavender-rabbit original_mini-blue1 original_pastel-easter-egg-fairy-lights

And these Easter Egg Hunt signs from Marks and Spencer are perfect for pointing you in the right direction to claim your eggs!

m and s signsNow all the decorating is done, sit back with a cuppa and enjoy a chocolate treat! Here are some of our favourite blue Easter eggs:

Jamie's egg

Jamie’s Easter Egg available at John Lewis

Sainsburys eggs

Sainsburys Taste The Difference Swiss Chocolate Eggs

blue mini easter eggs amazon

Blue Mini Easter Eggs available from Amazon

While you’re relaxing don’t forget to sign up for Jeans for Genes Day 2015 on Friday 18th September!

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