Meet Elle, our t-shirt design competition winner

Once again Jeans for Genes have partnered with the Edinburgh College of Art for our annual t-shirt design competition. The students were tasked with designing a fashion illustration which clearly represents Jeans for Genes, whilst having mass appeal to our fashionable supporters. All the designs were then submitted to our panel of fashion experts before a winning entry was picked. The designer of that winning entry was 20-year-old Elle McKee. 


Elle McKee

What made you choose to go into design and illustration?

 I just love drawing. I’ve been scribbling since I was a child and today it’s my relaxation as much as my work. 

Had you heard of Jeans for Genes before the competition?

Yes, we celebrated jeans for genes day every year at school. We were allowed to wear denim anyway so we did fancy dress and we really committed to our costume creating!

Elle McKee's school J4G Day

 Elle’s school taking part in a fancy-dress Jeans for Genes Day

How did you feel about entering the t-shirt design competition?

I was very inspired entering the competition. The brief was really open meaning I had a lot of freedom to experiment and come up with something that was also in keeping with my own style of work.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

I got thinking about how we show off our jeans and I came up with the coat hanger idea. I was impressed by the confidence the charity has, it encourages people to have pride in their genes and their jeans and that was something I was really inspired by.

Jeans for Genes limited edition fashion t-shirt

Elle’s winning design

What are the benefits of winning the competition for you?

Winning any competition is a great way of getting your work seen but it’s even more gratifying when it is helping such an important cause. Plus I get to see celebrities wearing my design, which will be really surreal.

Who would you most like to see wearing the t-shirt?

I know Keith Lemon is a supporter of the charity and I think he would look ‘bang tidy’ in a t-shirt. If not, maybe he could persuade his mate Fearne Cotton to wear one. I love her style.

Elle McKee in Fashion tee (white background)

Elle modelling her winning design

Any final thoughts?

I am absolutely thrilled to be picked and I’m really excited to be part of raising money and awareness for Jeans for Genes, it’s such a wonderful charity. I am very honoured!

The Jeans for Genes limited edition fashion t-shirt is  set to be modelled by a bank of high  profile celebrities including Lucy Watson, Tallia Storm, Coleen Rooney, Louise Thompson and the one and only Kate Moss!

Get yours before they’re gone at

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