Make a noise about bullying!

From 16-20 November it is anti-bullying week, and this year we’re asking you to make a noise about bullying! It’s the perfect opportunity to educate everyone in understanding and accepting difference (and hold a Jeans for Genes Day if you haven’t already!)


We’ve developed a range a free educational resources including assemblies, films and activities for every age group. Our compelling and engaging films are narrated by children and have a range of resources to accompany them for all key stages. You can download all of our resources for free on the Jeans for Genes Day website.

free assemblies

Children with genetic disorders can often experience bullying, but our range of films can help other children to accept difference. Tom has a premature ageing condition called Cockayne Syndrome. Tom and his sister Ellie talk about how words and expressions have hurt him in the past.


Watch Tom and Ellie’s story here

Carys and George both have Achondroplasia (sometimes referred to as dwarfism) and have experienced bullying as a result.


Discover their story here

Join the fight and make some noise about bullying this week! Share your anti-bullying messages with us on Twitter using #Antibullyingweek and help us to highlight the importance of accepting difference.

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