Jogging for Genes!

This year Jeans for Genes Head of Marketing Operations Doron Kristal is taking part in his 18th marathon. Here he shares an insight into his training journey and the joys of balancing training with work and fatherhood.

Is this your first Virgin London Marathon?

This will be my sixth London Marathon and marathon number 18 for me!

What inspired you to take on this year’s London Marathon?

I think I have an addiction to marathons! Since I started running marathons 8 years ago, I run the London Marathon as often as I can get a place. I also want to support Jeans for Genes which  is a charity very close to my heart. The charity helps to transform the lives of children who are affected by genetic disorders. I have been blessed with two healthy boys so being able to help other families is extremely important to me. 

When did you start your training and what advice would you give other runners on the countdown to the marathon?

I started my training on Christmas Day and I have been combining my 20 mile commute to work with my weekly long runs. For my final two weeks I will be ensuring I maintain good hydration levels and will take some time to reflect over my training runs. By looking at what has worked well and not so well, I can then incorporate these into my strategy for race day!

What has been the toughest part of your training journey?

Definitely motivating myself with the weekly long runs whilst feeling sleep deprived from having two boys aged 1 and 2 years!

What are your top 3 running tunes?

I don’t actually run with music, instead I use various other distraction techniques like calculating distance and time to keep on track of my pace. Other games such as names of countries and A-Z of boy’s and girl’s names work a treat! I also do ALL of my thinking while I run, it’s amazing how long my to-do list is by the end of a run!

What tips would you give somebody taking part in their first Virgin London Marathon?

Stick to your normal routine – the week before the marathon is the wrong time to be trying anything new, whether that’s new trainers or a new hydration strategy. If these haven’t been tried and tested during those arduous months of training don’t do it!

In previous years, nerves have kept me awake the night before race day. I would therefore suggest having a few early nights (always a challenge with two young babies!) during the final week which will make sure you are full of energy despite a broken sleep the night before.

Jeans for Genes have 13 runners in this year’s Virgin London Marathon and we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge GOOD LUCK and thank you to you all. Your dedication, commitment and support is incredible and we look forward to celebrating with you at the finish line!

If you would like to support Jeans for Genes but don’t fancy a marathon, you can still get involved! Why not organise a Jeans for Genes Day in your work place or school. Join us and thousands of others on Friday 23rd September and overdo it in denim and help transform the lives of children affected by genetic disorders. Sign-up for for your free fundraising kit at


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