Why Your School Should Take Part in Jeans for Genes Day!

Friday 23rd September marks the 21st Jeans for Genes Day and this year we hope Jeans for Genes Day will be bigger and better than ever before!

Pupils from Chelsea Academy enjoying Jeans for Genes Day!

1 in 25 children are born with a genetic disorder with 30,000 babies and young children newly diagnosed each year. To put this figure into context, this is 10 times more than children who are diagnosed with cancer. Jeans for Genes Day raises money to support children and families who are living with a genetic disorder by providing funding for support such as specialist equipment, respite care and family support groups.

Jeans for Genes Day is a one day campaign where individuals, schools and workplaces are encouraged to wear their jeans in return for a donation of £1 or £2. The best thing about Jeans for Genes Day? It is extremely easy to organise! All your school needs to do is sign-up  online via our website for your free fundraising pack, communicate the date amongst your staff and pupils and rock your jeans on Friday 23rd September, it’s that simple!

Schools often organise extra fundraising events to run alongside their Jeans for Genes Day, such as blue cake sales or their own version of the Great British Bake Off! Why not allow a team of pupils to take the lead in organising your school’s Jeans for Genes Day? They can take ownership of fundraising activities that the whole school can get involved with. You will be amazed by how creative and enthused pupils will become when given the opportunity to take control of a campaign such as Jeans for Genes Day.  Teachers have commented that they have seen a dramatic increase in pupil’s confidence and motivation in the lead up to Jeans for Genes Day, on the day itself and in the weeks following Jeans for Genes Day.

Whether your school raises £250, £500 or £2,000 you can be assured that the sense of pride your pupils feel will be huge! Who would have thought that turning up to school for one day in their jeans would create such a feeling of community, enthusiasm and pride!

Some very tempting cakes made for Jeans for Genes Day!


Jeans for Genes Day is also a fantastic opportunity to encourage understanding and acceptance of genetic disorders and the impact it has on children’s lives.  Our free educational resources have been designed to help pupils understand genes, inheritance and genetic disorders.

Our free educational resources are available online

Our top 5 reasons why your school should hold a Jeans for Genes Day:

  • You will have an incredible day whilst supporting an amazing charity
  • You will be part of a national campaign that sees millions of people donning their denim!
  • You will engage your staff, pupils and pupil’s families and highlight your commitment to changing the world for children with genetic disorders
  • You will educate your pupils on genes, inheritance and genetic disorders and create a deeper understanding and awareness of children who live with the day to day challenges of genetic conditions
  • It really is great fun!

Jeans for Genes Day SpongeBob school visits


Please show your support by signing-up for your free fundraising pack and take part in this year’s Jeans for Genes Day.

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