Jeans for Genes chat to Girls Aloud superstar Nicola Roberts!

This year Girls Aloud singing sensation and fashion designer Nicola Roberts is supporting the Jeans for Genes campaign and donning her denim to help transform the lives of children living with genetic disorders.

We asked Nicola what inspired her to support Jeans for Genes Day and what she will be doing on Friday 23rd September!



Why do you support Jeans for Genes Day 2016?

Wherever you can lend help to an important cause or charity you should. It is so important to help a charity raise their profile.

What talent did you inherit from your parents?

My red hair from my Dad!

We are really excited to announce that this year’s Jeans for Genes theme is ‘Overdo it in Denim’ so with this in mind:

Do you ever double denim?

All the time! I have double denim’ed for years. It creates an incredible look but it is important to have the confidence to pull it off.

Would you ever quadruple denim?

It depends what the look it for. If you were just running to the shop it may look a bit much but for a shoot, I think it looks fab!


How would you describe your signature denim look?

High waisted light wash jeans with a denim jacket.

How many pairs of jeans do you own?

I can’t answer that truthfully, it’s too embarrassing!

What is the most you have ever spent on a pair of jeans?

When I was younger, I was dragged into buying expensive designer jeans, now I find Topshop, ASOS and Levi’s so good! You just need to work out what works for your body and your style, then you will find you don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts!

If you could design a pair of jeans who would you most want to see wearing them?

Bella Hadid, Kristen Stewart & Jessica Lawrence

Who is your ultimate denim poster boy or girl?


What do you think is the worst jean / denim offence?

Jeans that don’t fit! You should always go for high waisted jeans.

What is your message to all the schools and organisations that take part of Jeans for Genes Day? 

Everyone should know the difference Jeans for Genes makes and why they should support the charity.

What will you doing on Friday 23rd September?

Overdoing it in denim! 

What quote do you try to live your life by?

Life is really precious and being healthy is so important so you must look after yourself.

Join Nicola Roberts and don your denim on Friday 23rd September, sign-up for your free fundraising pack today 

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