How to have an eggcellent Easter!

Need some activity inspiration this Easter weekend? We’ve got you covered with a range of egg-cellent ideas to keep you and your family busy from morning ‘til night.

Decorate your eggs in Denim!


We love this denim Easter egg tutorial from Ashbee Design, all you need is some small denim patches, some glue and a couple of eggs and you’ll have created these fab eggs in no time!

Why not take your denim decoration a step further and give your eggs their own Jeans for Genes Day look:

  1. Place your eggs in some eggs cups
  2. Draw faces on your eggs – you can add googly eyes, hair or hats, be creative!
  3. Wrap some old denim around your egg cup and glue in place to create a pair of jeans or denim skirt – you’re eggs are all set for Jeans for Genes Day!


For a super simple decoration idea, try dying your eggs blue!


  1. Add some blue food colouring to a glass of water
  2. Dip your eggs in the water and set aside to dry
  3. Using some brown paint and a toothbrush, lightly dab all over the eggs to create a speckled effect, allow to dry and voila!

Easter Home Decoration

Now you’ve decorated your eggs, why not have a go at decorating your home too. We love Not On The High Street’s range of gorgeous Easter products!

original_blue-or-pink-decorative-easter-tree original_large-lavender-rabbit original_mini-blue1 original_pastel-easter-egg-fairy-lights

And these Easter Egg Hunt signs from Marks and Spencer are perfect for pointing you in the right direction to claim your eggs!

m and s signsNow all the decorating is done, sit back with a cuppa and enjoy a chocolate treat! Here are some of our favourite blue Easter eggs:

Jamie's egg

Jamie’s Easter Egg available at John Lewis

Sainsburys eggs

Sainsburys Taste The Difference Swiss Chocolate Eggs

blue mini easter eggs amazon

Blue Mini Easter Eggs available from Amazon

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You still have time to denimize your decorations!

You still have time to add some dazzling denim to your Christmas decor!

Here are a few of our favourite things to make out of denim this Christmas.

Stocking denim

What better way to gather all of your presents than in a denim clad stocking, click here for instructions from Nebraska Views fantastic blog post.

Denim Tree Decorations!


These lovely tree decorations would give any tree a contemporary twist, head over to One Crafty Mumma! for full instructions.

Denim Fabric Baskets!


I’m sure you will have chocolates and sweets coming our of your ears over the festive period so why not make a denim fabric basket which doesn’t only look rather festive but also is a brilliant space saver! Threading My Way guides you through making your own!


Wishing all of our lovely supporter a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! xxx


Make Christmas donation to Jeans for Genes Day 

Jason Gardiner get’s bodypainted!

Jason Gardiner has a known reputation for his vicious tongue as a judge on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, we got to see another side of this controversial judge when he became our latest male celebrity to be body-painted for Jeans for Genes Day!


Jason G_Body Paint Shot 2

Jason’s career background as a choreographer really helped bring these image to life with his dramatic posing and amazing physic!

Jason G_Body Paint Splits Shot

At least we didn’t have to worry about Jason splitting his jeans!

We’d just like to say thank you to Jason for not critiquing us and for being such a good sport on the shoot.

 A massive thank you to the wonderful Carolyn Roper, who is a Double World Champion Body Painter!

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Make Your Own…. Jeans for Genes Day tree decoration!

It’s not long now until the Christmas take-off but if you still have to put the finishing touches to your tree, why not make some original Jeans for Genes Day decorations! 

Thingsa you will need MYO- tree dec_edited-2

Follow these instructions and you will have your own…

  1. Taking a pair of old jeans, cut down the seam to lay out flat.
  2. Using the inside of the jeans draw out two triangles the same size. Use the ruler for this to make accurate.
  3. Now take the pinking shears and cut the triangles out, you can use normal scissors if you do not have these.
  4. Take one of the triangles and three buttons. Sew the buttons vertical down the length of the triangle.
  5. With the second triangle lye flat with the darker side up, now taking the ribbon measure to just a bit bigger than the triangle at both ends and double this over into a loop.
  6. You can either pin or tack the sides into place.
  7. Proceed to sew the ribbon’s sides using the sewing machine, leaving a gap at the top; this is how your decoration will hang.
  8. Sew the ribbon on to the triangle using a needle and thread, leaving the loop at the top.
  9. Now taking both triangles pin or tack together along two sides and sew together.
  10. Taking your old T-shirt cut into smaller strips and stuff the inside of your decoration.
  11. Finally sew up the remaining side of your decoration and place on your Christmas tree!

Denim tree_edited-5

Why not sell these gorgeous decorations at your work place or school to raise extra money for Jeans for Genes Day!

Next time we will show you how to make your own…

Jeans for Genes Day denim stocking!

Make Your Own…….Denim Advent Calendar!

Happy Christmas from everyone at Jeans for Genes Day! Whether you are looking for fundraising inspiration or gift ideas, we’ve got everything you need to get into the festive spirit this winter.

Today we are gearing up for the big Christmas count down with a wonderful denim advent calendar!

Follow these instructions and you will have your own…

  1. First of all lay out your large piece of denim; this will be your base for the calendar! If you are using a few pair of jeans sewn together, please sew together and iron first.
  2. Taking one of your coloured fabrics, draw out numbers from 1 to 24, then proceed to cut out.
  3. Take your other colourer fabric and create squares for these numbers to sit in. Make sure they are big enough by using a ruler and pencil to measure the numbers.
  4. Now place each numbers on top of a square and pin into place. You can always tack this with thread if you are a sewing machine novis!
  5. Sew the numbers and squares together.
  6. Next using a pencil draw out a grid formation for where your pockets will be placed. You can again use the ruler for this to make it equal or go with a more free spirited effect!
  7. Pin the pockets in place and sew to background, making sure to leave the top of the pockets open.
  8. Now take your thick ribbon and make five evenly spaced individual loops across the top of the calendar, sewing this down firmly.
  9. Once this is completed take an old broom handle and slot through the ribbon loops.  You will now need to secure the hooks on the wall as your denim calendar is now ready to hang!
  10. Finally fill with Christmas treats!

This calendar would be perfect for your office; you could charge a fee for opening each pocket and donate this to Jeans for Genes Day!

Next week we will show you how to make your own…

Jeans for Genes Day tree decoration!


Thought the photos were amazing?? Well now you can see how we created these fantastic shots! 

TOWIE reality TV star Mario Falcone and model Leandro Penna are here to persuade you to take part in Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 5 October!! 

Watch this fast time video of the boys being painted from start to finish!

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Mario Falcone & Leandro Penna pose in spray-on Jeans for Genes!

TOWIE reality TV star Mario Falcone and model Leandro Penna are here to persuade you to take part in Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 5 October!!

We have body painted jeans onto Mario and Leandro as a special treat for all our supporters, you simply have to wear your own jeans and make a donation!

Leandro looks so HOT he has made it into Heat’s Torso of the Week!

The gorgeous lads have also made it on to OK! online too, click here to read full article.

A massive thank you to the wonderful Carolyn Roper, who is a Double World Champion Body Painter!

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