Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson tells us why she supports Jeans for Genes Day!

During a photo shoot with the gorgeous Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson, we managed to sit down and find out why Louise will be donning her denim this Friday!


Why do you support Jeans for Genes Day 2016? 

I have been supporting Jeans for Genes Day for about 4 years and I love being  part of the campaign. I create jeans so the partnership works really well. It is an amazing and inspiring charity.

What talent did you inherit from your parents?

My athleticism and fast metabolism!

Do you ever double denim?

Yes, I love denim and was wearing double denim for filming!

Would you ever quadruple denim?

I haven’t ever quadrupled denim but for this shoot let’s go way overboard and overdo it in denim! I do actually own a denim bikini which is a strong look, bring on summer!


How many pairs of jeans do you own?

Too many to know the number, at a guess between 60 and 70!

What is the most you have ever spent on a pair of jeans?

I would never spend a lot on a pair of jeans! 

If you could design a pair of jeans who would you most want to see wearing them?

Kate Moss – who else!

Who is your ultimate denim poster boy or girl?

Lucky Blue.

What is your message to all the schools and organisations that take part in Jeans for Genes Day? 

Get involved! Be creative and take advantage of a non-uniform day! OVERDO IT in denim!

What will you doing on Friday 23rd September?

Wearing my jeans and supporting Jeans for Genes Day!

If you were stranded on a desert island which three items would you take with you?

Denim hat, rope and a box of matches – how sensible?!

Join Louise Thompson THIS Friday and overdo it in denim! Sign up today and support children living with a genetic disorder in the UK> 

Jenners for Genes!

Jeans for Genes Day is celebrating our 20th year of fundraising for children with genetic disorders this year, and to kick off our campaign we held a launch party at iconic Edinburgh store, Jenners, on Princes Street.

JennersforGenes 3 (3)Denim hof

Working in partnership with Jenners, a House of Fraser store, we planned and prepped the party to a tee to launch our new limited edition fashion t-shirt exclusively in-store on 9th July. #JennersforGenes


To help turn the event in to a real party special guests X-Factor’s Nicholas McDonald and Scottish singing sensation Tallia Storm were in attendance, giving speeches, live performances and taking photos with guests. The pair even posed in the Jenners shop window to the delight of their fans.






Also at the event were Scottish fashion bloggers Betty and Bee, amongst others, who had a brilliant time posing on the catwalk and in the photobooth. Plus, the tasty gin cocktails provided by Caorunn Gin went down a storm!




The night was a huge success raising the profile of Jeans for Genes Day, promoting our limited edition fashion t-shirt and launching our partnership with Jenners.


Jenners will be supporting Jeans for Genes Day 2015 through sales promotions and selling our exclusive merchandise to raise vital funds for children with genetic disorders in the UK.

To see all the photos from the night check out our Facebook Page.

You can get your own Jeans for Genes Day t-shirt, as modelled by Tallia Storm and Kate Moss, from for just £20 with all proceeds coming directly to Jeans for Genes.

Meet Elle, our t-shirt design competition winner

Once again Jeans for Genes have partnered with the Edinburgh College of Art for our annual t-shirt design competition. The students were tasked with designing a fashion illustration which clearly represents Jeans for Genes, whilst having mass appeal to our fashionable supporters. All the designs were then submitted to our panel of fashion experts before a winning entry was picked. The designer of that winning entry was 20-year-old Elle McKee. 


Elle McKee

What made you choose to go into design and illustration?

 I just love drawing. I’ve been scribbling since I was a child and today it’s my relaxation as much as my work. 

Had you heard of Jeans for Genes before the competition?

Yes, we celebrated jeans for genes day every year at school. We were allowed to wear denim anyway so we did fancy dress and we really committed to our costume creating!

Elle McKee's school J4G Day

 Elle’s school taking part in a fancy-dress Jeans for Genes Day

How did you feel about entering the t-shirt design competition?

I was very inspired entering the competition. The brief was really open meaning I had a lot of freedom to experiment and come up with something that was also in keeping with my own style of work.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

I got thinking about how we show off our jeans and I came up with the coat hanger idea. I was impressed by the confidence the charity has, it encourages people to have pride in their genes and their jeans and that was something I was really inspired by.

Jeans for Genes limited edition fashion t-shirt

Elle’s winning design

What are the benefits of winning the competition for you?

Winning any competition is a great way of getting your work seen but it’s even more gratifying when it is helping such an important cause. Plus I get to see celebrities wearing my design, which will be really surreal.

Who would you most like to see wearing the t-shirt?

I know Keith Lemon is a supporter of the charity and I think he would look ‘bang tidy’ in a t-shirt. If not, maybe he could persuade his mate Fearne Cotton to wear one. I love her style.

Elle McKee in Fashion tee (white background)

Elle modelling her winning design

Any final thoughts?

I am absolutely thrilled to be picked and I’m really excited to be part of raising money and awareness for Jeans for Genes, it’s such a wonderful charity. I am very honoured!

The Jeans for Genes limited edition fashion t-shirt is  set to be modelled by a bank of high  profile celebrities including Lucy Watson, Tallia Storm, Coleen Rooney, Louise Thompson and the one and only Kate Moss!

Get yours before they’re gone at

Denim Date Night

Got a date this Valentine’s Day but no idea what to wear? Don’t panic as we have some delightful denim date night ideas just in time for the weekend!

Denim has been all over the catwalks this year, and is set to be a key trend this SS15. It’s been featured heavily in the likes of Vogue and ELLE, not to mention the amazing denim collection launched by Alexa Chung for AG Jeans. Here’s our pick of some of the season’s hottest denim for your denim date night:

Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Denim Dress

Alexa Chung Dress

H&M Denim Shirt

H&M Denim Shirt

Topshop Denim Dress

Topshop Denim Dress

Monki Denim Culottes

Monki Denim Culottes

Topshop Denim Coat

Topshop Denim Coat

Cheap Monday Denim Bag

Cheap Monday Denim Bag

Check out our Pinterest for even more denim fashion inspiration

Now you’re outfit is sorted, why not do something different for Valentine’s Day and test your sweetheart’s general knowledge at our Jeanius Quiz! Grab your tickets for Monday 16th February at a choice of three bars in Central London:  

Competition to Design our Limited Edition T-Shirt has launched!

Jeans for Genes is once again partnering with the Illustration Department of the Edinburgh College of Art to design our 2015 Limited Edition T-Shirt. The students have been tasked with designing a fashion illustration which clearly represents Jeans for Genes, whilst having mass appeal to our fashionable supporters. The winning t-shirt will be launched on our webshop in June, with adverts appearing in the national press and fashion magazines, and will be modelled by a host of our celebrity supporters.

Yesterday, Laura Pattison, Director of Marketing at Jeans for Genes, accompanied Dr Tessa Hartmann, founder of The Scottish Fashion Awards, on a visit to the Edinburgh College of Art to critique some of the entries. Here is an exclusive peak of some of the designs so far!

P1030455 P1030469 P1030472 P1030474 P1030475

The students now have a few weeks to complete and submit their designs, before a winner is picked by our panel of fashion experts, including Coleen Rooney (Style Editor at Littlewoods), Alexandra Fullerton (Fashion Director at Stylist), Louise Thompson (Founder of Pocket Jeans), Jaime Winstone (Actress and Style Icon), Ella Gregory (Journalist and Fashion Blogger), Shelly Vella (Fashion Director at Cosmopolitan), Lucy Ewing (Fashion Director at Sunday Times Style), Gemma Sheppard (leading stylist to the stars), Poppy Dinsey (Fashion Blogger), Lauren Milligan (Vogue News Editor), Holly Fulton (London Fashion Week Designer) and Dr Tessa Hartmann.

Check out all the details on past winners here:

Revealed! Our 2014 Fashion T-shirt Designer

We caught up with young designer Rachel Hill from Edinburgh College of Art on her winning design, her inspiration and her plans for the future.

Rachel Hill  What made you choose to go into design & illustration?

I’ve always loved to draw; it’s the best way I can get my ideas across.


Had you heard of Jeans for Genes before the competition?

We always held Jeans for Genes Day every year at school and we had assemblies telling us about the charity.  My mum is a geneticist so she was always very enthusiastic about supporting Genes for Jeans Day and telling me about the incredible work Genetic Disorders UK does.


Why did you want to enter the t-shirt design competition?

The Jeans for Genes team presented the competition at a lecture and I thought entering the t-shirt design competition would be a brilliant way to use my talents to help such a worthy cause.


What was your inspiration for your design?

I wanted the t-shirt to be a celebration of the work Jeans for Genes Day does, which is why I featured a double helix between birds to illustrate positivity and freedom. It was a long process of writing and sketching as well as researching this season’s colour-ways to get to this final version of the design. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it, and I really wanted to win so I actually put in two entries!

Jeans for Genes

What are the benefits of winning the competition?

It’s brilliant to use what I am passionate about for a good purpose. To think my design is raising money to change children’s lives is incredible. Designing the T-shirt has opened a lot of doors for me, and obviously it’s brilliant to see my design on stars like Coleen Rooney – I was so excited when I opened the magazine saw her wearing my T-shirt!!

RACH_GENES_070_cutout Who would you best like to see wearing your t-shirt? 

Kate Middleton because then everyone would see it!!


Was this your first piece of clothing design, what did you learn?

Yes, I mostly do editorial design that is simple, stylized and to the point. It was really fun to explore bolder designs and research this season’s colour-ways to best suit the design. It is hard to get your head around drawing to compliment a body rather than a page but the girls on my course illustrate for garments so they were extremely supportive.


What are your plans for the future?

I am now designing promotional material for Queens Hall Theatre for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’ll be working back at university as a Graduate Studio Assistant in September helping undergraduates find work and supporting them in their designs.


What advice would you give to students entering the competition next year?

Send in as many entries as you want and look back at the previous designs – be imaginative and bold – good luck!


You can buy your own double helix inspired t-shirt for just £20, available in sizes 6-22.

Celebrity Fashion Tee

Get involved, sign up for Jeans for Genes Day!